A travel gift that can never be forgotten

by Payal Tyagi (India)

The last thing I expected Australia


If Sydney is the rising sun of New South Wales in Australia then Port Stephens is the alluring silhouette of  the clouds at the moment of sunset located in Hunter region of NSW. This travel gift on my birthday from my husband was a surprise. The journey was embraced through  train ride from Sydney Central station to Newcastle along with one hour bus journey to Nelson bay allowing me to amaze myself from picturesque of the houses over the coastline and the turquoise blue sea. The Ibis hotel was on the shores of Salamander bay for which we took another bus ride from Nelson bay. Till this point of time I was going with the flow without expecting any further awe moment, then I had sudden urge of sea view room for which we requested even and refused by the hotel staff. But as we entered in the balcony of our room the view was awestruck with beach, sea, greenery of Tomaree Head and welcome wine on the table. Next day we were told about complimentary breakfast which was mentioned in our tickets about which I wasn't imbued by my husband and we packed our stomach to make ourselves ready for Snorkeling ; another surprise by him. What will happen to me when I will be under water for the very first time, was the question storming my brain upside down, but somehow I made up my mind and strengthened my heart to go for it. When I entered in water with instructor I couldn't breathe properly, panicked but slowly and steadily I became comfortable and to my surprise I spend fifty minutes underwater along holding a pink jelly fish in my hand and watching corals.After this small achievement, whale watching cruise was waiting for us as a reward at coast of Nelson bay. When we came back to hotel I laid down and lost in another world without thinking of big day. In the midnight suddenly my husband woke me up to see a room full of balloons, illuminated candles, cake and getting enlightened with soft music. ”Happy Birthday honey",he wished me with a hug. After going back to Sydney, enthralled by all the stupendous efforts made by my husband for this travel gift especially hotel stay,I asked  him you would have spend at least a grand in hotel stay for all the facilities we availed which wasn't required, to which what he politely replied had ringed hard in my ear drums , “No, it was just 350$ in total”.